Personal Savings

Whatever your goals, choose a savings product that’s right for you today and tomorrow.


Tiered Interest Rates
Online Banking Access
No Minimum Balance
Minimum opening deposit: $100.00
Simple interest, calculated on collected balance, and credited monthly1
Make up to 3 withdrawals per quarter at no charge

Reward yourself for higher balances with a strong rate of return and keep the flexibility of making deposits or withdrawals at anytime. The more money you save, the more interest your account generates. This account is tier-based, meaning the greater the balance the higher the interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY).

APY Rewards
Transfers from a Mighty Oak Growth Account to another account or third parties by pre-authorized, automatic, or telephone transfer are limited to six per month with no more than three by check, draft, or similar order to third parties. Meet deposit you may need.
Debit Services
Lets help you get the most out of your money and save for the future. The best way to do this is by opening an Femco bank Savings Account. This convenient account comes with PAC Debit Card, which gives you access to our network.
PAC Debit Card
Still carrying cash? It’s safer and more convenient to use a debit card for shopping and withdrawing cash. With the PAC Debit Card, you’ll not only have 24-hour access to your funds in over 84 branches, but with more than 2700 ATMs and 10,000 POS